Why Should you choose Affinity Angkor?


At Affinity Angkor we believe that in order to create a valuable travel experience, it is essential to form an emotional connection with authentic local culture, history and the natural environment.

Our team pride themselves on their vast knowledge of the attractions around Cambodia, especially Angkor, Siem Reap. We are experienced at avoiding the crowds, the heat, and taking great photographs.


our Pricing

Reasonability and quality 

As a locally run, boutique tour operation, we offer local authentic tours throughout Cambodia. We focus on delivering tours for competitive, fair prices, without compromising on quality.

For customized tours, we will provide a quotation with reasonable pricing without decreasing the quality of our services.


Our Services

Personable, exceptional, professional   


Any email enquiries will be promptly answered with specific and up-to-date information by one of our knowledgeable tour guides or our senior tour advisor.


our team

professional, licensed, knowledgable

Sopheara, Tay, Yanof and Vichet.