Affinity Angkor will guide you through: 


The hidden treasures of Angkor Wat by guiding you in the opposite direction of the typical tourist crowd. We are flexible to enter temples when they are quiet and peaceful, and at the best time of day to take exceptional photographs. 

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The Kulen Mountain main stream river water of One Thousand Lingas (phalluses), and Yuni (female reproductive organ), which is believed to bring fertility to life, fertility to agriculture down stream and to Angkorian City and farm area.

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The Kompong Khleng, which features the stunning city of silt houses situated above the water. 

In Kompong Khleng there are an estimated 2,000 families living in houses on six to seven-meter-high stilts, where the water dramatically rises and falls seasonally. When the village is flooded with water the residents travel by boat, using bikes and motorbikes when it is completely dry. 

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The newly discovered overgrown temples in more remote locations, off the usual tourist path, outside of the Angkor archaeological park.


The highlights of other cities, such as Bokor Mountain in Kampot, where our tour guides know where find the best vantage points for breathtaking cliff views and vistas.


The Mekong River, Kompot


Koh Rong Samloem’s untouched white-sand beaches, watching two million bats fly out of the Samphout Mountain Cave at Sunset, and exploring authentic local Battambang culture.

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We can also help arrange your other activities while in town:

  • Discounted rates for nightly performances at Cambodian Phare Art Performance and Rosanna Broadway

  • Relaxing day at the best local spas

  • Relaxing motorbike or tuk-tuk tours to see sundown at rice paddies or Lotus lakes

  • An adventurous quad bike tour to see locals planting rice in the field

  • Helicopter or hot air balloon scenic tours

  • Zip line in the jungle over Gibbons